She was born on 04. 04. 1962 in Kozan/Adana. After elementary school education, due to her family’s move, she continued to her secondary school education in Antalya, and then she studied at Denizli Health Vocational School. After working as a Surgery Nurse in Antalya Atatürk Public Hospital, she resigned from this job and decided to continue to her career in Private Sector.

In private sector, she worked as a business administrator of a preschool and a kids club. She founded the National Preschool Association. Beside this sector, she also opened a catering company, a beauty center, and the first private Residential Home for Elderly. After the Residential home, she opened the Private Mukaddes Aksoy Nursing Homes with 435 bed capacity. Our institution is, largest capacitied nursing institution in Turkey.

She is also the founder of the first Association of Nursing Homes in Turkey and managed the association for 4 years. She continues to her membership in this association as vice-president.

In addition to that, she is also one of the founders and vice-president of Mediterranean Enterpreneur Businesswomen Association (AGİDER).

Mukaddes Aksoy was awarded with Certificate of Appreciation, Gold Medal, Outstanding Service Certificate by various Non-governmental organizations and Social Service Organizations.

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